The Syntax Of Sheet Music
Here you'll find sheet music for my (cucumberbatchin's) piano compositions. Clicking on the date of each thumbnail will lead you to the download post. If there's anything special about the transcription, you'll find further info there.

And then, I hereby encourage all of you to try and make your own transcriptions - I'd be more than happy if you did (because that'd save me a lot of work), if you ever need any help or want me to check and see if they're correct: I'm there for you!

Please keep in mind that without you most of this would not have been possible and that I'm incredibly grateful for all the support that I get :)

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if you could make sheet music for insomnia, would you? it would be /awesome/

Ahah- ha… haaa…. I did, once, back when I wrote it, but I never finished it all the way… so there’s in fact (not 100% accurate but at least close to being accurate) sheet music for the first 4-5 pages or so, I’ll see if I can locate that file somehow. As a matter of fact (and like with 99% of all other pieces) I forgot how to play it again (because I haven’t played it in year or so) so for completing the sheet music I’d first have to re-learn to play it by ear from the recording and then transcribe it which frankly I have no intention of doing eh… *makes puppy eyes*

But so I’ll look up that file for you and post it on my sheet music blog alright?

can you create some sheet music for some of your other piano songs?

I could, though depending on what you mean by ‘other piano songs’, chances are I will probably already have forgotten them again ^_^

If you tell me special songs you would like to have sheet music to I’ll see what I can do.